Messianic Calendar 2019-2020


Messianic Calendar 2019-2020

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New - Messianic Calendar

Our Chosen People Ministries' Messianic Jewish Art Calendar, for this year is entitled "Proclaiming God's Faithfulness," which debuts photographs from Chosen People Ministries' early history. 
Many of these photographs were never seen until they were unearthed from our archives! We were moved by the Lord's faithfulness in preserving Chosen People Ministries for 125 years and counting! When we look upon these photos, we see men and women, Jews and Gentiles who love the Lord, with faces not unlike those in our family albums. 

It might be tempting to see them as a world apart-and in many ways they were. They lived on the other side of both world wars, the rise and fall of the Soviet Union, the Holocaust and turbulent post-war years, the birth of the modern nation of Israel, the cold war, an exponential technological boom, and insurmountable societal change.

In a practical sense, the same methodologies Chosen People Ministries uses today began during these early years: sharing the gospel, distributing New Testaments (in Yiddish and Hebrew, as necessary), and establishing Jewish evangelistic and Messianic centers, as well as Messianic congregations. 

The only thing to change in all these years is the mode by which this message travels. In the early years, these means consisted of print and radio, which expanded into television, and now continues through social media engagement and online campaigns. 

We hope these images from our rich past will move you to more deeply trust in our faithful God and everlasting Messiah, who is faithful in every generation. 
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