Ronu Shamayim

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A collection of praise songs from the Christian/Messianic congregations in Israel, played on classical guitar alone, without singing. Excellent background music for Christian believers and especially for those that love Israel. "Ronu Shamayim" also includes a few well known hymns such as 'Crown Him with Many Crowns', 'He is Lord', and 'Beneath the Cross of Jesus'. However, most songs are the Israeli old timers like Batya Segal's 'Hodu L'Adonai Ki-Tov' (Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good), 'Ram V'Nisa HaMashiach' by David Loden (High and Exalted is the Messiah), and 'LeMa'an Zion' by Elisheva Shomron (For the sake of Zion) and other favourites from Israel, all played by Jewish believer in Jesus, guitarist Michael Nissim. Hebrew song titles translated and transliterated into English. Enjoyable, relaxing, reverential: a unique gift for loved ones. Song titles: Hodu L'Adonai Ki-Tov (Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good) Listen Beneath the Cross of Jesus Lo Gavah Libi (My heart is not proud, from the Psalms) Hineh Ke'Einei Avadim (Behold, as the eyes of slaves) Diminu Elohim Chasdecha (We have thought, O God, of Your lovingkindness) Ronu Shamayim! (Rejoice, O Heavens!) He is Lord! Crown Him with Many Crowns - Listen Shalom Rav (Great Peace) Ahavato G'dola (Great is His love) Listen Yesh Li Otcha, Yeshua (I have You, Jesus) Listen Lema'an Zion (For the sake of Zion) Ram VeNisa HaMashiach (High and exalted is the Messiah) Total Playing time: 31:26
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