Thy Kingdom Come DVD Set - SALE!

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A beautifully produced set of video DVDs from the remarkable conference Thy Kingdom Come: A Conference on the Bible, Theology and the Future held in Westminster, in October 2014. Watch these DVDs with our world renowned speakers:


Session 1: The Coming Kingdom and the Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6), with Dr Derek Tidball

Session 2: The Coming Kingdom and the Hope of Israel (Romans 11), with Dr Calvin Smith

Session 3: The Coming Kingdom and the Great Commission (Matthew 28), with Dr Mitch Glaser

Session 4: The Coming Kingdom and the Words of Jesus, with Dr Darrell Bock

Session 5: The Coming Kingdom and the Day of the Lord (Joel 2), with Mr Daniel Nessim

Session 6: The Coming Kingdom and Biblical Interpretation, with Dr Craig Blaising

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