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Ronu Shamayim

It is not very often that a devotional instrumental CD is produced, but this one is sure to be a favourite of many households. Michael Nissim is an accomplished acoustical guitar player, and his love for the Lord comes across in this wonderful collection of songs. This CD is perfect for those who enjoy devotional music
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Fulfilled Promise - Benjamin Hersh

Benjamin came to know Yeshua as his Messiah in 2001. He was trained in classical piano and composition and had always a desire to use music for Hashem. While at Nets he felt that Hashem was leading him into music again to glorify Him. And so in the end of term concert he performed Jerusalem of Gold by Naomi Sapir written in 1967. Hashem then led him to take up songwriting and composition and is leading him to use his music within the teaching, and as a way to witness to his Jewish brothers and sisters who Hashem wants to reach and reveal who Yeshua is to them. 

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